Kelsie + Levi

How did you first meet?

I guess if we are being technical, Levi and I went to preschool together, but the first time we really were introduced was in sixth grade through Beta club at school. We were also in the band together, so we knew of each other when we began interacting. -where did you go on your first date? The first time we went out together outside of school we went to the movies to see Tron. Our moms took us because we were only fourteen. The first time we went on a date alone was in high school when he got his license, and he took me to the local frozen yogurt shop!

What do you love most about him?

What I love most about my husband is the way he leads me. He takes his role in our marriage very seriously, and does his very best to love and care for me the way God designed a husband to care for his wife. I love the way my husband cherishes me and our marriage. (His eyes are pretty lovely too!)

How/Where did he propose?

My husband enlisted in the Air National Guard the spring we graduated high school, and he left for basic training the following year. He was in Texas for 7 1/2 months for basic and tech training, and I saw him in person twice over that period of time. A last minute welcome home party was planned after he arrived home, and my parents hosted it. All of our closest friends and family were there to enjoy food and fellowship with Levi! On September 18, 2016 he proposed at my childhood home in front of our family and friends. It was so perfect!!

How did you know he was the one?

My husband and I dated through middle school and high school, when some of the biggest life changes occur, and my life changed radically my sophomore year when I was involved in a horrible car wreck. I spent a month in the hospital and years in therapy learning to walk and healing not only broken bones but a broken spirit too. Levi came to visit me a minimum of twice per week while I was in the hospital and encouraged me through every step of my recovery. I will never forget the first time Levi came over to my house after we got home from the hospital and he put my sock on for me because I couldn’t reach it due to my injuries. In that moment for the first time I thought to myself, “I want to marry this boy”.

Describe your wedding day in full detail as you remember it.

I remember waking up on the morning of my wedding with a stomach full of butterflies. I remember feeling like a princess as friends did my makeup and fixed my hair. The morning seemed to fly by, and I remember feeling anxious when my bridesmaids and I were not ready for pictures on time. The boys were whisked away to take their pictures first (thankfully my photographers pre-planned this so we would have some extra time if we were not ready). I remember walking into the sanctuary for pictures, praying my husband-to-be was no where in sight, because he had made it very clear to me that he did not want to see me before I was coming down the aisle. Luckily, he was hidden and us girls froze our butts off as we took pictures outside! It was so cold, but it was totally worth it because the pictures were awesome!

I remember seeing the flowers as they were positioned so perfectly on the arch and all throughout the church. My vision was coming together so perfectly, and I was so ready to marry my best friend! My favorite part of the morning was reading Levi’s letter he wrote for me. I spent all morning working on my letter for him, trying to use the best words and make it short and sweet (because I tend to ramble). I opened the letter to read, and he had far surpassed my letter just in seeing the two pages he had filled! As I read, I felt so deeply loved and cherished. I laughed, I cried, and I loved every word he wrote to me. It was such a special memory to experience, and I am so thankful for his sweet words of love and encouragement!

As special as the letter was, the absolute hands-down best part of the day was standing behind the doors to the sanctuary as they opened to reveal my husband-to-be. The violins were playing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” as the doors opened, and my Levi stood in tears as I began to walk toward him. My stomach was full of anxious knots and excited butterflies as my daddy led me to the love of my life. That moment and those steps were so much better than I could have ever imagined! I remember feeling the wave of emotion hit as I repeated those cherished vows to my Levi and tears filling my eyes as I did my best to hold them back.

Another special time of the day was the drive from the church to the reception. It was just me and my husband, no one else, and we were able to talk about how perfect the day had already been. We were introduced soon after at our reception, immediately followed by our first dance. As we danced, we noticed the song was not the one we chose to be our first dance, and we were both upset about the mishap. Thankfully, our venue was kind enough to let us have a “do over” giving us a chance to dance to the song we chose. It turned out pretty special as we were able to enjoy two special dances alone with all the attention on us! We danced and had a blast with our closest family and friends, and it was absolutely perfect!

We took pictures in the Photo Booth right before we left (which I still to this day cannot find the photo strip anywhere?!) and said goodbye to all the people who helped make the day so seamlessly perfect! We piled in the car, waved goodbye, and Levi drove me to the Food City and went in to get me cough drops because I was coming down with a cold. It was sweet and romantic and I was so thankful to already be doing life together!! I could not have asked for a more special or flawless wedding day than the one I was so blessed with!!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We spent the week after our wedding day honeymooning in Jamaica! We stayed at the Sandals resort in Ocho Rios, and we loved every minute!! We went to the spa, got a tan, and I marked swimming with dolphins off my bucket list! It was an awesome week!!

What is your favorite thing to do together?

My favorite thing to do with my husband is just cuddle on the couch and watch our favorite shows and movies. We love to find TV shows to get into and watch together. We cuddle on the couch and love on our puppies, and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect memory than those!

Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: B.loved Images

Venue: Capital Theatre

Coordinator: Sharon Coker

Florist: Gary Anderson of Eschelon

Cake: The Village Bakery

Videographer: Nathan with Milestone Pictures

DJ: Heath of Capitol Theatre

Caterer: Sullivans


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