Jonathan + Maddie | Engagement

There is nothing better than a client that LOVES everything about your work and that is exactly what Maddie expressed the first time I spoke with her. She was so excited for us to be their wedding photographers and that is what we LOVE in our clients.

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Since Maddie and Jonathan live in Middle Tennessee, we decided to meet half way at Cumberland Mountain State Park. When she first suggested this location, I wasnt sure about it because I had never been there before. After Googling some photos of it though…. oh my goodness… I was in love! There was a beautiful lake, a bridge with these awesome arches and a stunning waterfall. This location was perfect for this shoot!

The chemistry between these two is nothing like I have ever seen before. They both have the most outgoing personalities, they love to laugh and they 100% get each other. When we pulled up to the park for their session, they were cuddled up in a hammock that they brought between two trees. Cutest thing I had ever seen! During the shoot they informed us that they were waiting until their “I Do’s” to share their first kiss. This was so amazing to us and shows how dedicated to they are to their faith and love for Christ.

On June 28th we get the opportunity to witness and capture their first kiss 🙂 Their wedding is going to be on Maddie’s family farm in Powell, TN. It is going to be awesome and we are so happy to be part of this special day for Maddie & Jonathan.

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  1. Lelah Jenkins says:

    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful couple!

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