Claire + Tyler

Where did you go on your first date?

We met in an Intro to Technology class in high school. I was a freshman and he was a junior. One day, he sat next to me, which was out of the ordinary. We had never even talked before this. He asked for my number and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Looking back, it feels like fate, because I was advised to take a different class instead and almost didn’t meet him at all. The first year or so consisted of my mom taking us wherever we went. Our first official date was my 16th birthday. We got dressed up, went to chili’s for dinner, and then drove around town.

What do you love most about him?

I love how hardworking he is and his resiliency when faced with adversity. He is different than anyone else I know and I’m very proud to be his wife.

How/where did he propose?

I remember how nervous he seemed right before he purposed. As if I would have ever declined. It was our five-year-anniversary, and we went for a walk in the UT gardens. Even though it was late October, the flowers were still in bloom and we had the place to ourselves.

How did you know he was the one?

There wasn’t one singular moment when I knew he was the one. Quoting Sleepless in Seattle, “It was a million tiny little things, that when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together.”

Describe your wedding day in full detail as you remember it.

Our wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect. It went as smooth as it could possibly go. Everything and everyone was beautiful, and it came together even better than I had imagined. Before we saw each other, everyone was telling me that he was very nervous. Knowing he was nervous made the anticipation of seeing him even greater for me. I am so glad we chose to do the first look. We didn’t have the pressure of reacting in front of all our guests. Instead, the moment was just for us. When I finally saw him, I remember thinking how grateful I was that I found my person so early in life. Seeing the love and joy in his eyes made me think that at the end of our lives together, I’ll look back and be thankful that we didn’t have to go through years of trials and tribulations of searching for each other. It was a day full of love and tears. My only critique was that the day went by much too fast.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We honeymooned in Destin, Florida with our toes in the sand.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

My favorite thing to do together is play different kinds of trivia and question games. Being together for nearly a decade and from such young ages, we virtually grew up together. As a result, we know just about all there is to know about each other. Playing these interactive games helps us to keep learning about one another and to enhance our connection. It also reminds us how scarily similar we are in so many ways.

Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: B.loved Images

Venue: The Stables at Hunter Valley Farms

Florist: Swank Floral Design

Cake: Karen’s Katering

Officiant: Jeff Miller

DJ: Ogle Entertainment

Caterer: Karen’s Katering

Hair: Amanda with Southern Roots Hair Studio

Dress: White Lace & Promises


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