Amanda + Dan

How did you first meet?

We met at the gym( D Block to be precise)

Where did you go on your first date?

Our first date was Soccer Taco in Bearden. I was working retail at the time and it was tax free weekend( first  August weekend) I got held up at work and ended up being super late but he waited!!

What do you love most about him?

Hmmm, probably his willingness to listen to my nonsense when I’m excited or upset and always be s sounding board… he always has my back and calms me.

How/where did he propose?

He came home from a business trip and was giving me all these crazy cheap silly trinkets and was just going on and on… then he got down on his knee to dig in his bag to hunt for something, pulled out the ring, and proposed! Caught me totally by surprise!! Then we went to dinner and just had s nice quiet ya night.

Describe your wedding day in full detail as you remember it.

I felt like our wedding day was perfect; just today our extended family was reminiscing on how great it was. I spent the night at the Radisson with my sister and my matron of honor. I could barely sleep. We headed over to the standard around 9 am to start getting hair and makeup done. My soon to be sister in laws came to get ready with us. I was so excited to marry Dan and to get to see him! We had some mimosas while we got ready. My matron of honor and my sister helped me get dressed. I was so glad that we decided to do the first look; partly because of our photographers advice. I don’t think I could have waited forever. 

I had my sister go give Dan the watch that I got for him as a wedding gift and he had his best man( brother) bring me this old vintage suitcase ( which I love). There were a multitude of letters and packages inside that said to open at different times. I was so impressed by his creativity. I still have all the notes and the cameo strings that I eventually opened along with the pearl bracelet that I wore. I was so excited putting my dress on and felt like a million bucks… I was sort of scared it wouldn’t fit right, but it was perfect! I walked down the stairs and came up behind Dan outside…. I will never forget the face he made we got so many fabulous pictures, thank you, I was on cloud 9!!! Then we went back up and had a mimosa and watched everyone come in. I snuck down and grabbed a few close friends right before we walked down the aisle; the faces and laughs and tears are great memories. Both my parents are gone and my grandmother was going to give me away, but she couldn’t quite make it bless her heart. She passed away the Monday before our wedding. It was a bittersweet time, but all my family was in town early and it was something fun to help ease our minds. I also had my sister walk me down the aisle another very special moment. I was floating on a cloud walking down… the music we picked was perfect for the moment. The ceremony was quick. Then we had a drink and took some photos while everyone moved to the reception side of the standard.

Walking in and seeing everyone was an awesome feeling. Our first dance was to Lana Del Ray; beautiful. It was as if no one was there. I danced my butt off with everyone and tried to go around and at least say hello…. the evening went by way too fast! My sister gave the best maid of honor/sister/give me away speech! Everyone in the place was teary. Dans fraternity brothers and his dad sang their fraternity song which was pretty cool since dan is/was a legacy.  Before I knew it, it was time to leave. We stayed at the Radisson for the evening so we had s few drinks in the bar before hand and someone packed us up skittle but if you’d cause we totally forgot to eat!!! I wouldn’t change anything other than make it last longer.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Honeymoon was Turkey, a Greek isle cruise and then Rome.. we were gone over 2 weeks!!

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Hmmmm work out or snuggle with the girls and each other!

Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: B.loved Images

Venue: The Standard

Coordinator: Janna Fowler

Florist: Lisa Foster

Cake: Bradford Catering

Officiant: Richard Richter

DJ: Ogle Entertainment

Caterer: Bradford Catering

Hair: Southern Belle Beauty


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